Area Rug Cleaning

Area rugs are often made of special and unique fiber types, thus requiring an entirely different cleaning process than those employed on carpet. Using the wrong method will result in a soapy residue being left on your rug, causing it to soil much more quickly. In addition to discoloration and other forms of aesthetic damage, the dirt particles in your rug will grind against the fibers during use, resulting in premature wear and damage. Call us today for a quality and professional cleaning of your area .

Fabric Protection Restored

With continued use, the fabric protection on both you carpet and upholstery will decline and eventually wear off completely. We can show where the protection should be restored and apply it safely and effectively as soon as the cleaning is finished. As always, we use only the highest quality and safest products on the market.

*If for any reason you find yourself with a particular need or problem that we just cannot solve, we will be glad to recommend a reputable company with the ability to meet your needs.