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Stay Calm! You Can Still Get That Clean Carpet Back

More often than not, the occasional spill or inadvertent spot on your carpet and upholstery can be cleaned without causing any permanent markings or leaving lasting blemishes on the fibers. Most of the significant damage comes from misguided cleaning attempts after the spill has been made. If you are facing a stain emergency, simply take our advice and follow the steps below for immediate cleanup. If you have any trouble, feel free to give us a call; we will be glad to help walk you through the process.

Certain carpet and upholstery fibers are more prone to stain than others. When a stain happens, a colored substance actually binds permanently to the fiber of a textile, making it very difficult, if not impossible, to remove. In most instances, a stain occurs the moment the spill happens, and the speed with which you attempt to remove it does not make a difference.

Your best plan of attack is to completely absorb as much of the liquid as possible. If you find that a discoloration or residue remains, having a professional come and clean it within 36 hours will generally be just fine.

Liquid Spill

In the event of a spill, you will often have the good fortune of the liquid simply beading up on the outside of the fabric rather than actually binding to it. The best method for cleaning in this situation is to lay an absorbent towel across the top of the problem area. More often than not, the towel will prove to be a better landing spot for the liquid than your carpet or upholstery. Never push your towel into the spill, as this will only nudge the liquid deeper into the fabric. Attempting to emphatically rub the spot can permanently damage the textile

While it is rarely a good idea to use water when cleaning upholstery, water can generally be used successfully in rinsing spots on carpet. Simply apply the water sparingly and then gently dab the dampened area with an absorbent towel.

Semi-liquid Spill

Always give priority to spills containing more thickened substances (such as food). You never want to press the spill deeper into the fibers of your carpet or upholstery. Follow the same procedures as you would with a liquid substance, applying a towel and then, if on carpet, rinsing lightly with water.

Dry spill

Remove the spill excess, taking care not to push any of the material deeper into your textile. Next, vacuum the problem area. A quality vacuum should successfully part the carpet as you pass, allowing the suction to remove any particles nestled deep inside.

Please call us if you need our help or have any questions!

We will gladly walk you through any necessary procedures that you can do yourself. There are times and situations when it is more appropriate for a trained professional to perform certain delicate procedures. We will be glad to assist you in those cases. Redding carpet cleaners TWICE as NICE Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning are here to help you.


Care and Tips