Carpet-Cleaning Secrets

Carpet-Cleaning Secrets

No matter how hard you always try to clean your carpet, it will still be vulnerable to spills, drops, accidents and anything that you might have stepped on with your shoes.

The best way of dealing with dab stains is blotting using a clean cloth and a clean solution, towels, paper or a sponge. This is because blotting soaks up the stain by putting a small amount of pressure on it.

1. Rubbing can lead to the inopportune breakdown of the carpet fibers because it makes the particles settle down on them {the fibers of the carpet}. Blotting should also be done from the outside of the stain inward, as doing it outward might cause the stain to spread to other places.

2. Chewing gum is thrown carelessly on the streets, and you might accidentally step on it. Well, that might not seem to be the problem until you carry the sticky mess to your carpet. A couple of ice cubes from your freezer, frozen on the gum for about 30 seconds might be a good solution for getting it out of your carpet. Lift up the glob with a spoon once it has been frozen out and cut the carpet's strands just where the gum is. Do it without making the spot noticed.

3. The myth that club soda can kill stains caused by either wine or beer is true, but only when used effectively. Use a piece of cloth dipped in the soda to blot the stained region. If that fails, then you can blend one part water and one part vinegar into a handheld sprayer.

The solution should then be sprayed on the affected part of the carpet and be allowed to stay for a period that does not exceed 15 minutes and not less than 10 minutes. After that, soak up the stain and the solution by pressing a clean sponge on to the affected region.

The expert suggests that this process might be repeated, especially if the stain does not disappear on the first attempt. Use warm water to rinse the area once the stain has disappeared. Brush the strands of the carpet to their appropriate direction using your own hands, before you place while paper towels over the spot. This is done to ensure that the carpet's dampness is effectively absorbed. The towels should stay there until the carpet is dry, which might take an entire day.

4. We also suggested that normal shaving cream is one of the best cleaners against most stains. As a matter of fact, this cream is capable of getting rid of any kind of stain. The cream should be applied to the stain, directly, and allowed to stay there for close to 30 minutes. Use a dry white piece of cloth to blot the cream away once it has set. Conclude the whole process by mixing one part vinegar and one part water and spraying it on the area. You can then use a piece of cloth to wipe away the solution.

5. Candles can act as a cheaper and an alternative source of light, but there are other costs you might be forced to pay especially if the wax drips on the carpet. The wax has a tendency of drying and getting embedded faster, and so it should be removed before late.
v Heating it back to get it out is one way. You can use an iron to warm it up by placing a white cloth over it. Once the wax has been warmed, you can then use a butter knife to scrape it off.

Upon the conclusion of that, place a paper towel over the main surface region and then iron it. The wax will melt and bind to the towel paper and so it will disappear just within a few processes.

It is however very imperative to note that the iron should not be used in this manner for more than thirty seconds as that might even burn the carpet. We insist on the use of white towels and white cloth since the colored ones can move the color to the carpet especially when heated up.

6. There are certain grease stains that are naturally difficult to clean, but with a drop of dishwashing detergents such as Joy, the problem can be solved within seconds. The solution should be sprayed on the stain using a spray bottle before it is bolted up. For relatively larger stains, this should be done more than once.